Transfusion Camp for nurse practitioners

Welcome to Transfusion Camp for nurse practitioners!

Here you will find the materials you need to make the most out of Transfusion Camp. Please note the following:

  • Materials must not be used or distributed outside of Transfusion Camp without the consent of the Transfusion Camp for nurse practitioners organizers.
  • Materials are ​provided for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be a substitute for the advice of an authorized prescriber and should be assessed in the context of the applicable medic​al, legal and ethical requirements in any individual case. The authorization to prescribe blood and blood products should also be confirmed with the jurisdiction that one is practicing in.

Access to this password-protected website is provided to learners who are registered for Transfusion Camp for nurse practitioners. Please do not share the site’s password with anyone. Any enquiries regarding Transfusion Camp for nurse practitioners should be directed to