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The High Status Heart Program: The journey so far and the path ahead

June 10, 2024

Dr. Brian Clarke & Fatima Dharsee

The ethics of nontherapeutic research with imminently dying patient-participants after the withdrawal of life-sustaining measures in the ICU

November 21, 2023

Dr. Nicholas Murphy


Equitable policy revision for sexual and gender minorities in organ and tissue donation

November 3, 2023

Dr. Murdoch Leeies 

Death definition and determination in real life

September 13, 2023

Dr. Andrew Healey 


Lessons from Spain: Next Steps Towards Improving ICU Donation Services

June 9, 2023

Dr. Mario Royo Villanova


Preventable harm in the Canadian OTDT system: Missed organ donor identification and referral

May 15, 2023

Dr. Samara Zavalkoff

Paradigm Shift to a Brain-Based Definition & Determination of Death

March 30, 2023

Dr. Sam Shemie

Medical Assistance in Dying and Organ Donation

March 1, 2023

Dr. Kim Wiebe


Alberta SEND program: Specialists in End-of-Life Care, Neuroprognostication, and Donation

December 13, 2022

Dr. Dennis Djogovic


Survey of Current Practices in Pediatric and Neonatal Donation and Transplant in Canada

November 7, 2022

Laurie A. Lee


Organ and Tissue Donation following MAiD

September 26, 2022

Dr. Kim Wiebe


Interactive discussion of a challenging donation case

September 8, 2022

Dr. Natalie Malus


Speaking with media partners Experiences from Spain

June 9, 2022
Belén Velasco Conquero

Voices, rights, and health care equity: The importance of including First Nations and Métis health leaders in organ donation and transplantation decision-making
April 14, 2022
Caroline Tait




Healthcare professionals’ experiences and responses to perceived autoresuscitation events

January 20, 2022
Dr. Amanda van Beinum
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Ottawa


Expanding the Lung Donor Pool using Non-Perfused Organ Donation
September 28, 2021
Dr. Andrew Healey
Chief Medical Officer - Donation, Trillium Gift of Life Network

DePPaRT study: insights and implications
March 30, 2021
Dr. Sonny Dhanani
Chief of the Pediatric intensive care unit, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

The LEADDR Program: Legislative Evaluation - Assessment of Deceased Donation Reform
January 26, 2021
Ms. Cynthia Isenor
Health Services Director at Nova Scotia Health Authority for the Critical Care Program


Medical Assistance in Dying and Organ Donation
June 6, 2019
Dr. James Downar


Lessons from down under
May 8, 2019
Dr. Helen Opdam
National Medical Director of the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority
Senior Intensive Care Specialist, Austin Hospital in Melbourne
Director, Warringal Private Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Lessons from across the pond
June 6, 2018
Dr. Dale Gardiner
Deputy National Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, UK
Adult Intensive Care Medicine Consultant
Donor Identification and Referral Preventable Death and Disability
February 21, 2019
Dr. Samara Zavalkoff
Pediatric Intensivist