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Studying Burnout and Resilience in Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinators (The BRiC Study)

Organ and tissue donation coordinators face challenging and stressful scenarios on a daily basis. This work often leads to burnout, attrition, and compassion fatigue. Research on turnover rates among these healthcare workers has shown that job tenure for coordinators was less than  three years, a possible consequence of burnout. Consequently, turnover rates may have a significant impact on the ability of organ donation organizations to optimize donation in their programs.

Little is known about the true extent of burnout and compassion fatigue among organ donation coordinators worldwide. Very little is known about how it may impact coordinators in Canada. Though an easy short-term fix may be to hire and train new coordinators, this project proposes innovative ways of dealing with burnout, to identify its causes and intervene to support teams and avoid losing experienced and exceptional people.

The Burnout and Resilience in Organ Donor Coordinators (BRiC) study is led by Canadian Blood Services and CHEO Research Institute, in collaboration with Canada's organ and tissue donation community. 

If you would like to know more and potentially collaborate with this study, please contact our research team at vsilvaesilva@cheo.on.ca or ken.lotherington@blood.ca 

About the BRIC Study

The BRIC study is a three-phase study focused on burnout and resilience in coordinators. Through BRIC we are taking a systematic approach to understand and intervene in the issue of burnout among organ and tissue donor coordinators in Canada.

BRiC Phase I  – Scoping review milestones

BRIC Phase I Milestones

Scoping review now published: Burnout and compassion fatigue among organ donation coordinators, JBI Evidence Synthesis: July 03, 2020 - Volume Online First - Issue. DOI: 10.11124/JBISRIR-D-19-00256

BRiC Phase II – Mixed-methods study

Objectives: To seek guidance for the identification of the best validated quantitative instruments for a survey (part of the quantitative piece of the study), to develop the qualitative approach portion of the study, and to consult ODOs to identify the best approaches for data collection.
Status: We are currently developing a mixed-method study to identify burnout and compassion fatigue among OTDCs and further understand their perceptions about the issue. We will start re-engaging collaborators. 

BRiC Phase III - Interventional study

Status: In development

Additional projects related to BRiC

Title: Quality improvement initiative evaluation 
Objective: A qualitative study to evaluate an intervention implemented in a western province of Canada on team cohesion and communication among organ and tissue donation coordinators and if there were any perceived changes in the level of burnout/resilience.
Status: The study received all approvals, and we anticipate the finished work to be ready to publish by July 2020.  

Title: Opinion paper(s)
Objective: Canadian organ and tissue donation coordinators voiced their concerns and perceptions about the issue of burnout and emerging issues related to those topics. An opinion paper was written in collaboration with coordinators from five provinces and with international collaborators.
Status: This paper will be submitted for publication in the journal Transplantation  in June 2020.
A second opinion paper is planned for the coming months in which we will explore further emerging issues related to burnout and compassion fatigue, including coordinators’ perception of how COVID-19 has affected their work and lives.  

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