Canadian Critical Care Forum (CCCF) – Deceased Donation Scientific Symposium 2017

*Ces vidéos sont uniquement disponibles en anglais*

The following videos were recorded in partnership with Trillium Gift of Life Network at The Canadian Critical Care Forum between October 3 and November 4, 2017. 

Presentation: Deceased Donation Data in the UK

Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy


Presentation: Bioethical Perspectives in DCD Heart Donation

Presenter: Dr. Bob Truog



Presentation: DCD Heart Donor Management and Transplantation -the Australian ExVivo Program

Presenter: Dr. Peter MacDonald


Presentation: Deceased Donation in the UK

Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy




Presentation: DCD Heart Donor Management and Transplantation - the Papworth in Situ NRP/ExVivo Program

Presenter: Dr. Simon Messer




Presentation: Death of the Dead Donor Rule - Pro-Con Debate

Presenters: Dr. Bob Rruog and Dr. Sam Shemie




Presentation: Canadian and Provincal Deceased Donation Update

Presenter: Dr. Damon Scales




Presentation: Donation Support Physcian On Call: What Would You Do?

Presenters: Dr. Sonny Dhanani, Dr. Andrew Healey, Dr. Mathew Weiss, Dr. Stephen Beed, Dr. Paul Murphy, Dr. Joe Pagliarello




Presentation: Donor Identification and Referral:  How Early Is Too Early?

Presenters: Dr. Andrew Healey and Dr. Andreas Kramer 




Presentation: Organ Donation Challenges in the UK

Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy




Presentation: Donation in MAID

Presenter: Dr. Mike Sharpe




Presentation: Research Directions in DCD Heart

Presenter: Dr. Darren Freed