OTDT Advisory committees

Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation (OTDT) Advisory Committees

A number of advisory committees and working groups work with Canadian Blood Services on issues and initiatives related to organ donation and transplantation activities. Their work includes providing expert advice and direction on national clinical policy and practice, operational requirements, standardization of procedures, interprovincial organ sharing and development of the Canadian Transplant Registry services. These groups also provide input to strategic direction and initiative development and prioritization.


CBS Canadian Blood Services NHLAAC  National Human Leukocyte Antigen Advisory Committee
ODTEAC Organ Donation & Transplantation Expert Advisory Committee PTAC Pancreas Transplant Advisory Committee
DDAC Deceased Donation Advisory Committee KSSC Kidney Surgical Sub-Committee
KTAC Kidney Transplant Advisory Committee PEAC Public Education and Awareness Committee
DTAAC Donation & Transplantation Administrators Advisory Committee LuTAC Lung Transplant Advisory Committee
HTAC Heart Transplant Advisory Committee ETDC Eye and Tissue Data Committee
LDAC Living Donation Advisory Committee ETDWG Eye and Tissue Data Working Group
LTAC Liver Transplant Advisory Committee ETPWG Eye and Tissue Publication Working Group
ISAC Information System Advisory Committee    



For questions or information about our expert advisory committees and Canadian Blood Services work in organ and tissue donation and transplantation, email: OTDT@blood.ca