Donation Physician Network - a Community of Practice

A Community of Practice for critical care physicians who support organ donation

In 2017, Canadian Blood Services established a national Donation Physician Network. This community of practice builds on successful provincial initiatives developed to support critical care physicians specializing in deceased organ donation. 

Together, our mission is to build a national community of donation-focused physicians committed to enhancing deceased donation activity in Canada. The Network serves as a forum for members to collectively champion leading practices, support research collaboration, share knowledge and build expertise.

The Donation Physician Network supports, reinforces and expands regional networks of donation-focused physicians in offering organ donation as a standard component of end-of-life care. Members are provided with access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable to this specialized group of physicians, particularly those practicing in smaller hospitals or jurisdictions. 

What we do:

  • Foster national collaboration
  • Strengthen clinical and social support for a  small and specialized group of physicians
  • Provide resources and opportunities to share and learn about emerging cases/issues
  • Support the development of consistent clinical strategies and approaches nationally

What we offer: 

  • Educational Webinars on leading practices, clincial case studies, literature and emerging issues (ex. MAID, fentanyl, ancillary testing)
  • E-newsletters highlighting breaking news, recent publications, and upcoming professional development events and opportunities
  • Access to mentors, experts and leading practices

Are you a critical care physician interested in joining this network? If so, please contact: