Medical management to optimize donor organ potential

    Journal Publications 

    • Management of the neurologically deceased organ donor: A Canadian clinical practice guideline (2020)
      Ian M. Ball, Laura Hornby, Bram Rochwerg, Matthew J. Weiss, Clay Gillrie, Michaël Chassé, Frederick D’Aragon, Maureen O. Meade, Karim Soliman, Aadil Ali, Samantha Arora, John Basmaji, J. Gordon Boyd, Bernard Cantin, Prosanto Chaudhury, Marcelo Cypel, Darren Freed, Anne Julie Frenette, Pam Hruska, Constantine J. Karvellas, Sean Keenan, Andreas Kramer, Demetrios James Kutsogiannis, Dale Lien, Patrick Luke, Meagan Mahoney, Jeffrey M. Singh, Lindsay C. Wilson, Alissa Wright, Jeffrey Zaltzman and Sam D. Shemie, CMAJ April 06, 2020 192 (14) E361-E369
    • Organ donor management in Canada: recommendations of the forum on Medical Management to Optimize Donor Organ Potential (2006)
      Sam D. Shemie, Heather Ross, Joe Pagliarello, Andrew J. Baker, Paul D. Greig, Tracy Brand, Sandra Cockfield, Shaf Keshavjee, Peter Nickerson, Vivek Rao, Cameron Guest, Kimberly Young, Christopher Doig and ; on behalf of the Pediatric Recommendations Group CMAJ March 14, 2006 174 (6) S13-S30

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