Donation and Transplant Administrators Advisory Committee (DTAAC)

The Donation and Transplant Administrators Advisory Committee (DTAAC) identifies and provides end-to-end operational, financial and policy advice to inform the development of nationally mandated initiatives to allow issues to be addressed and all requirements gathered in advance of the full development and roll-out with donation and transplant programs participating in interprovincial activities.

Donation and Transplant Administrators Advisory Committee Members   

Deanna Paulson (Chair) | Director, Transplant Services, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta 

TBD | (Vice Chair)

Ed Ferre, Provincial Operations Director, BC Transplant, Vancouver, British Columbia  

Holly Mackin, Executive Director, Women's Health, Trauma Services & Southern Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Program Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services - Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary, Alberta 

Steven Klotz, Director, Critical Care, Respiratory Services and Organ Donation, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Cherie Kapell Brown, Director, Critical Care, Respiratory and Organ Donation & Transplant, Provincial Programs | Tertiary Care, Saskatoon and North, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Krista Maxwell, Manager, Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life, HSC Winnipeg-Shared Health, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rebecca Cooper, Vice President, Ontario Renal Network & Trillium Gift of Life Network, Clinical Institutes and Quality Programs, Ontario Health, Toronto, Ontario

Martine Bouchard, Observer, Chief Executive Officer, Transplant Québec,  Montreal, Québec

Brittany Nicholson, Regional Administrative Director, NB Organ and Tissue Program, Horizon Health Network, Moncton, New Brunswick

Cynthia Isenor, Health Services Director, Central Zone and Policy & Planning, Critical Care Program, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Angela Carpenter, Provincial OTDT Manager, Health PEI, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 

TBD l St. John’s, Newfoundland  


Catherine Butler, Director, Organ & Tissue Donation & Transplantation

Peggy John, Associate Director, Program Operations, OTDT, Canadian Blood Services

Ross FitzGerald, Specialist, Program Operations, External Support, OTDT, Canadian Blood Services

Last updated May 2024