Transfusion medicine

Canadian Blood Services supports best practices in transfusion medicine through the development of educational resources. Written by subject-matter experts from across Canada, our transfusion medicine resources support clinical practice and help health-care professionals stay current in an ever-changing field.

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Aditi Khandelwal
Transfusion Medicine Specialist and Hematologist

Previous to March 27, 2023, Octaplasma, pathogen-reduced plasma manufactured by Octapharma, could be ordered through Canadian Blood Services for select patients. It is now available to order for routine use in adult and pediatric patients. This publication provides a summary of the published literature on Octaplasma and provides additional resources to support hospitals in planning for its implementation.
This FAQ has been developed to assist hospitals in implementing apheresis platelet psoralen-treated (APPT) and untreated apheresis platelet in PAS-E. These components are being implemented in Ottawa on June 12, 2023, with a national implementation to follow.
This updated article examines the effect of blood donation on donor iron levels and the steps taken by Canadian Blood Services to protect the health of its donors. In 2023, Canadian Blood Services started ferritin testing in select frequent donors at the highest risk of iron deficiency.
Canadian health-care providers: Share your perspectives on whole blood, leukocytes reduced (LrWB)

An online survey by the National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products is gathering perspectives from Canadian health-care providers on the non-military use of whole blood, leukocytes reduced (LrWB).

Health-care providers who are practicing in Canada are invited to complete the online survey and read our FAQ for more information on LrWB at Canadian Blood Services.