Organs and Tissues

Canadian Blood Services works with the organ and tissue donation and transplantation community to improve the system in Canada. Through national collaboration involving organ donation organizations and transplantation programs across the country we are working to improve organ and tissue donation, improve access to transplants and improve patient outcomes. This website provides valuable information related to our interprovincial organ sharing programs, professional education and learning opportunities, including the Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation curriculum, data and system progress reporting; current initiatives, leading practices and clinical guidelines, as well as educational videos, clinical tools and other useful resources.



Dr. Aimee Sarti, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Dr. Aimee Sarti, Critical Care Intensivist, The Ottawa Hospital

Our mission is to improve access to organ donation and to lifesaving transplants for all Canadians. We aim to shift culture so organ and tissue donation is the norm and not the exception. Published work and initiatives underway are described here.
The Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation is an organ donation curriculum for health professionals that enhances competencies in the identification and care of potential deceased donors and their families. The Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation is a free self-directed, interactive, online e-learning course featuring case scenarios.
This interactive online platform reports national performance data for organ donation and transplantation in Canada. The dashboard consists of nine primary sections presenting data on key aspects of donation and transplantation across the system.

Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation - all modules now available

The Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation curriculum is a key component of our national work to help shift culture to one where organ donation is a normal part of quality end of life care. It's a required part of training for critical care residents, and free to anyone working in organ donation and transplantation.  

Discover more on all five modules of the Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation and enroll today