Neurological determination of death (NDD) - Instructional Video

In June 2007, the Canadian Council for Donation and Transplantation (CCDT) developed a medical educational video on the neurological determination of death. The clinical practice guidelines used during this video come from the CCDT’s 2003 Severe Brain Injury to Neurological Determination of Death forum. The video contains footage of an actual brain death determination as well as a step-by step overview of the clinical practice guidelines for declaring neurological death in adults and children. Animations and checklists are used to enhance the film footage. We encourage you to utilize this video for medical education purposes within your own institution. Additional copies of this video may be made to support clinical practices and education but any distribution or duplication beyond this intent is prohibited. Click here to view the video 

Pediatric neurological determination of death (NDD) – instructional video

The Hospital for Sick Children in collaboration with Canadian Blood Services, Trillium Gift of Life Network and the Canadian Council for Donation and Transplantation presents - Pediatric Neurological Determination of Death (NDD) Instructional Video: