The Eye and Tissue Data Committee (ETDC) supports the collection, reporting and sharing of data by the Canadian eye and tissue banking community and provides insight into the supply of and the demand for allografts in Canada. 

Eye and Tissue Data Committee Members

Gary Rockl (Chair) | Tissue Innovation Specialist  Héma-Québec  Spécialiste en Innovation des Tissus Humains Québec, Québec 

TBD (Vice-Chair)

Ivan Yan  | Head Technologist, Eye Bank of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia 

Ryan Funk | Senior Tissue Specialist Southern Alberta Tissue Program  Foothills Medical Center Calgary, Alberta 

Christopher Murray   | Manager Southern Alberta Organ and Tissue Program, Eye Bank Calgary, Alberta

Michael Bentley  | Manager   Northern Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Edmonton, Alberta 

TBD  | Saskatchewan 

Andrew Deck   | Director (Interim) Tissue Bank Manitoba, Shared Health   Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Alison Halliday   | Senior Technologist  Ontario Professional Firefighters’ Skin Bank  Toronto, Ontario 

 Christine Humphreys  | Director, Eye Bank of Canada (Ontario Division) Toronto, Ontario 

TBD    | Trillium Gift of Life, Ontario 

Balram Sukhu  |  Manager, Mount Sinai Allograft Technologies, Toronto, Ontario 

Nadya Savoie | Director, NB Organ and Tissue Program, Horizon Health Network, Saint John, New Brunswick 

Cynthia Johnston |  Quality Leader Regional Tissue Bank  Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Last updated July 2022