National Human Leukocyte Antigen Advisory Committee (NHLAAC)

The National Human Leukocyte Antigen Advisory Committee (NHLAAC) provides a forum for improving and standardizing HLA laboratory practices in support of national registries and, in general, organ and tissue donation and transplantation in Canada.

Members Title and Organization

Dr. Éric Wagner


Director, Immunology and Histocompatibility Laboratory

CHU de Québec

Quebec City, Quebec

Dr. Robert Liwski

(Vice Chair)

Head, Division of Hematopathology

Medical Director, HLA Typing Laboratory

NSHA - QEII Health Sciences Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dr. Paul Keown

Director, HLA Tissue Typing Laboratory

VCH/PHCA - Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. James Lan

Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of British Columbia

Director, Immunology Laboratory, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Division of Nephrology, Kidney Transplant Program

Vancouver General Hospital

Dr. Noureddine Berka

Clinical Director, Calgary Laboratory Services Tissue Typing Laboratory

Program Director, Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Lab (HIL) Training Program

Alberta Health Services

Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Patricia M. Campbell

Director, Histocompatibility Laboratory

AHS - University of Alberta Hospital

Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa

HLA Lab Co-Director

Assistant Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine

St. Paul’s Hospital

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dr. Ronald K. Charlton

Director, HLA Laboratory

Cancer Care Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Peter Nickerson

Medical Advisor, Transplantation

Canadian Blood Services

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ms. Denise Pochinco

Charge Immunogenetics Technologist

Transplant Immunology Laboratory

Diagnostic Services of Manitoba

Health Sciences Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Abubaker Sidahmed

HLA Director (Co-Directed by Dr. Xu)

London, Ontario

Dr. Qingyong Xu

Section Head, Transplant Immunology Laboratory

LHSC - University Hospital

London, Ontario

Dr. Christine Ribic

Transplant Nephrologist

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario

Dr. Kathryn Tinckam

Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Kidney Transplant Clinic

Nephrologist, Post Transplant, Kidney Transplant Clinic

Co-Director, UHN Regional HLA Laboratory

UHN - Toronto General Hospital

Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Jinguo Wang

Associate Director, UHN Regional HLA Lab Laboratory

UHN - Toronto General Hospital

Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Graeme R. Quest

Hematopathologist, Director of Transfusion

Medicine and Laboratory Immunology

KHSC - Kingston General Hospital

Kingston, Ontario

Dr. Jianping Li


Hematopathology & Transfusion Medicine

The Ottawa Hospital

Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Claude Daniel

Director, Histocompatibility Laboratory

MUHC - Transfusion Services (Clinical Laboratories)

Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Chee Long Saw

Scientific Director, HLA Laboratory

MUHC - Transfusion Services (Clinical Laboratories)

Montreal, Quebec

Last updated August 2020