Canadian Blood Services’ Clinical Guide to Transfusion is a valued resource for health-care professionals in Canada. Its chapters are written by experts in their respective fields and provide a practical summary of current knowledge in transfusion medicine practices.

Originally published by the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Clinical Guide to Transfusion was originally a print publication with Anita Ali as editor. The 2006 edition, edited by Gwen Clarke and Morris Blajchman, was the first version to be published online as well as in print.

Today, the Guide is an online publication and its chapters are regularly updated to reflect the evolution of transfusion medicine practices. It continues to be a trusted resource for health-care professionals, supporting the safe and effective care of patients transfused with blood components or blood products.

Gwen Clarke, MD FRCPC and Sophie Chargé, PhD
Editors of the Clinical Guide to Transfusion online edition. 

Important disclaimer: This material is an educational tool providing guidelines for the care of patients. These recommendations should thus not be applied rigidly, since they could result in some patients receiving unnecessary transfusions or experiencing adverse effects from under-transfusion. The guidelines are mainly for adult patients and may not necessarily apply to the treatment of children. The recommendations do not replace the need in some cases to consult an expert in Transfusion Medicine to provide optimal patient care. 

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Chapter 1

Vein to Vein: A Summary of the Blood System in Canada

Jan 17, 2019

Chapter 2

Blood Components

Jan 15, 2021

Chapter 3


Jun 4, 2018

Chapter 4

Immune Globulin Products

Aug 10, 2018

Chapter 5

Concentrates for Hemostatic Disorders and Hereditary Angioedema

Aug 24, 2018

Chapter 6

Donor Selection, Donor Testing and Pathogen Reduction

Apr 13, 2021

Chapter 7

Fractionated Blood Products and Associated Pathogen Safety

Sep 10, 2019

Chapter 8

Pre-transfusion Testing

Jul 13, 2020

Chapter 9

Blood Administration

Oct 6, 2020

Chapter 10

Adverse Reactions

Mar 27, 2017

Chapter 11

Massive Hemorrhage and Emergency Transfusion

Sep 7, 2021

Chapter 12

Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn and Perinatal Immune Thrombocytopenia

Jul 20, 2018

Chapter 13

Neonatal and Pediatric Transfusion

Aug 2, 2017

Chapter 14

Therapeutic Apheresis

Aug 1, 2018

Chapter 15

Irradiated, Washed and CMV Seronegative Blood Components

Mar 2, 2021

Chapter 16

Preoperative Autologous Donation

Apr 21, 2021

Chapter 17

Hemostatic Disorders and Hereditary Angioedema

Aug 17, 2018

Chapter 18

Platelet Transfusion, Alloimmunization and Management of Platelet Refractoriness

Aug 16, 2018