BloodTechNet educational resources

The BloodTechNet program was launched in 2011 to facilitate the development of innovative educational resources that support the Transfusion, Cellular Therapy and Transplantation communities in Canada. The program is led by Canadian Blood Services’ Centre for Innovation with financial support from Grifols. For information about the next BloodTechNet program competition, visit research funding programs.

The Stem Cell Club:  Educating Medical Students about Stem Cell Transplantation

A club of national scope that trains medical students to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. We instruct them to secure informed consent and to identify and correct medical errors.


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2015 and 2016 BloodTechNet Competitions

Snippets - Watch & Learn Job Aids

Five minute interactive videos that offer front line providers and technologists with meaningful and current clinical knowledge related around the following seven areas :

1. Patient identification when collecting pre-transfusion sample.

2. Patient identification and transfusion pre-checks required prior to the administration of blood components or plasma protein products.

3. Pre-transfusion testing including ABO grouping, Antiboby screening and crossmatching.

4. Emergency blood administration.

5. Transfusion reactions (respiratory complications related to transfusion).

6. Post-production modification of blood components (washing and irradiation of red cell, platelet, and plasma units).

7. Thawing frozen blood products.

2014 BloodTechNet Competition

Better blood transfusion: Neonatal and pediatric patients

The Transfusion Safety Nurse Clinician at BC Children’s and Women’s hospitals created three e-Learning Transfusion Practice Educational Modules around the following themes:

1. Administration of blood products: Neonatal – Syringe method; Pediatric – Syringe and volumetric method; Adult – Volumetric method.

2. Transport of blood products.

3. Pre-transfusion sample collection.

To access the modules, go to the Learning Hub site, create an account or sign on as a guest, and search for the modules.

2014 BloodTechNet Competition

Transfusion Confusion: an inter-professional learning module 

Transfusion Confusion is a learning module developed to introduce concepts of pretransfusion testing and transfusion practice and to explore concepts of interprofessional collaboration. Delivered via the University of Alberta’s learning platform, this module focuses on the importance of patient identification, specimen suitability, and team issues such as communication, collaboration, role clarification and reflection. Currently, this course can only be accessed by University of Alberta students. However, the intent is to eventually provide access to members of the general public. 


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2014 BloodTechNet Competition


Transfusion Bits and Bytes

Short videos intended for general Medical Laboratory Technologists working in Transfusion Medicine Services addressing the following themes:

1. Transfusion Reaction Overview

2. Acute Transfusion Reactions

3. Case Studies of Acute Transfusion Reactions

4. Delayed Transfusion Reaction and Case Studies

5. Quality Management Systems

6. Root Cause Analysis

2011 BloodTechNet Competition

Passing the Serology Torch

A speaker-series of 11 presentations on serology targeted at Transfusion Medicine Medical Lab Technologists.

2011 BloodTechNet Competition

Transfusion Quest

An online Trivia game for Transfusion Medicine Medical Lab Technologists.

2011 BloodTechNet Competition