Cryoprecipitate: Other causes of discolouration

Note: A photo of cryoprecipitate with discolouration is not available. If you see a component with an unusual or atypical appearance, please take a photo (higher resolution is preferred) and share it with us so it may be considered for inclusion in the Visual Inspection Tool. Photos will be credited and only used with permission. 

In addition to discolouration that may be associated with bacterial contamination, icterus or particulate matter, cryoprecipitate discolouration can result from a variety of donor factors, including medications or large doses of vitamins taken by donors. 

  • Medications (acceptable for transfusion) 
    • Oral contraceptive pill: light green plasma 
  • Vitamins (acceptable for transfusion) 
    • Vitamin A (including consumption of large quantities of carrots): bright orange plasma