Red cell antigen genotyping reports

Canadian Blood Services performs red cell antigen genotyping at the National Immunohematology Reference Lab (NIRL) in Brampton, Ontario, using Grifols’ ID CORE XT test. Red cell antigen genotyping may be used by physicians and non-physician prescribers as an aid to select transfusion strategies and antigen-negative units for patients.

To support physicians, nurse practitioners, medical laboratory technologists, and other healthcare providers in interpreting red cell antigen genotyping reports, Canadian Blood Services has created two online courses:

  1. Red cell antigen genotyping report: A quick glance
  2. Interpreting the red cell antigen genotyping report

Use the “A quick glance” course for a brief overview of basic report interpretation and to download a summary page. For further information about specific components of the report, use the “Interpreting the red cell antigen genotyping report” course.

Disclaimer: These courses are not intended to provide clinical recommendations nor substitute for NIRL consultation. Genotyping results should always be interpreted in conjunction with the patient’s clinical context, serological phenotype, and alloimmunization data.