4 mars 2021
Dr. Geraldine Walsh
You may be aware that there’s no deferral for blood donors after they receive a vaccine against COVID-19. But you might be wondering how the blood operators made this decision. Canadian Blood Services
23 février 2021
Renee Horton
For the 200 Nova Scotians waiting for a lifesaving organ or tissue transplant, new legislation offers hope.
18 février 2021
Amie T. Kron
A study conducted by researchers in the University of Toronto QUEST program, a research collaborative supported by Canadian Blood Services, looked at what can be done to reduce the number of
9 février 2021
Tricia Abe
With an anticipated global shortage of immune globulin products, finding alternatives to IVIg can help improve availability of a drug in high demand. A recent study shows that eltrombopag, an oral
29 janvier 2021
Dr. Geraldine Walsh
The Intramural Research Grant Program, one of the Centre for Innovation’s most responsive and impactful research funding programs, and the Kenneth J. Fyke Program, which supports health services and
19 janvier 2021
Catherine Lewis
Dr. Devine will bring roles together to bridge discoveries into better care
14 janvier 2021
Tricia Abe
Dr. Celina Montemayor-Garcia is a researcher and transfusion medicine specialist whose main interest is understanding how genomics and bioinformatics can be used to improve care for transfusion
12 janvier 2021
Dr. Geraldine Walsh
Blood plasma-derived IVIg holds promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. A new study suggests that combining IVIg with a new drug delivery technique that helps get IVIg into the brain could
31 décembre 2020
Catherine Lewis
What a year 2020 has been! Take a look back with us by checking out the five most visited R.E.D. blog posts in 2020.