15 septembre 2020
Guest Author
Transfusion Camp is an educational program established by the University of Toronto QUEST program that teaches physicians how to use blood wisely. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we questioned whether
10 septembre 2020
Dr. Geraldine Walsh
In 1964, a seminal paper described the “waterfall” sequence of coagulation, representing a huge leap in our understanding of how blood clots. One of its authors, Dr. Earl W. Davie, a giant of blood
20 août 2020
Dr. Aditi Khandelwal
Dr. Isra Levy is in charge of medical and scientific support for all aspects of Canadian Blood Services’ work — how does he prepare for this job during a pandemic? To better understand what crisis
12 août 2020
Zi Yan Chen
A research team that includes experts from Canadian Blood Services and the McMaster Centre for Transfusion Research showed that genotyping red blood cell proteins could help make transfusions safer
7 août 2020
Tricia Abe
COVID-19 has brought major implications for blood transfusion practices: uncertain demand patterns, reduced donations and loss of staff. A recent publication synthesizes studies that address the
31 juillet 2020
Dr. Geraldine Walsh
In 2017, Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec launched a research program dedicated to advancing donor eligibility criteria specific to men who have sex with men. In November 2019, the blood
21 juillet 2020
Jenny Ryan
The third module of Canadian Clinical Guide to Organ Donation just launched.
16 juillet 2020
Obinna Okwelume
Dr. Jennie Haw is a scientist at Canadian Blood Services’ Centre for Innovation. As a sociologist, she’s interested in understanding how health and health systems relate to the individual and society
25 juin 2020
Dr. Geraldine Walsh
Did you know that there’s a wealth of information available on the Canadian Blood Services’ Professional Education website to help transfusion medicine health-care professionals as they navigate the