Consensus Conference

The Screening of Blood Donors for Variant CJD

March 26, 2003 | 8:00AM to March 28, 2003 | 5:00PM


Consensus conference publications:

McCullough J, Anderson D, Brookie D, Bouchard JP, Fergusson D, Joly J, Kenny N, Lee D, Megânn H, Page D, Reinharz D, Williams JR, Wilson K. Consensus conference on vCJD screening of blood donors: report of the panel. Transfusion 2004;44:675-83. [Transfusion]

Blajchman MA, Goldman M, Webert KE, Vamvakas EC, Hannon J, Delage G. Proceedings of a consensus conference: the screening of blood donors for variant CJD. Transfus Med Rev 2004;18:73-92.[Transfus Med Rev]