Breakthroughs in blood: Advancements into action

Restrictive or liberal transfusion strategy in myocardial infarction and anemia


Event details

Join the second Breakthroughs in Blood - Advancements into Action 1 hour webinar to hear from Dr. Carson's MINT Randomized Clinical Trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine online on November 11, 2023 and to take part in a panel discussion to understand the impact of this study on your current practice.  

Presented by 

Jeffrey Carson, MD
Internal Medicine - New Jersey, USA 


Jeannie Callum, MD FRCPC 
Transfusion Medicine - Kingston, Canada 


Keyvan Karkouti, MD, FRCPC, MSc \ Anesthesiology -Toronto, Canada 
Neil Blumberg MD, FCAP/Transfusion Medicine/Hematology-Rochester, NY USA
Shaun Goodman, MD, MSc, FRCPC / Cardiology – Toronto, Canada
Gregory Hare, MD, PhD, FRCPC / Anesthesiologist  - Toronto 

Learning objectives 

  1. Review the trial methodology and the primary and secondary outcomes of the MINT trial 
  2. Place the current trial into the context of previous RCTs and observational data 
  3. Discuss how to integrate the new evidence into hospital recommendations and clinical practice 


Register for the Zoom webinar here. Downloadable event poster available below:

November 27, 2023


Breakthroughs in blood: Advancements into action 

The Breakthroughs in blood: Advancements into action webinar series is curated for health-care professionals, hospital administrators, policy-makers, and  researchers who want to stay at the forefront of groundbreaking blood research and adopt cutting-edge best practices. Hosted by the esteemed Dr. Jeannie Callum and coordinated by Canadian Blood Services, this series delves deep into the "So what?" and "Now what?" of blood science and medical research, with a dedicated focus on transfusion clinical trials and guidelines. Don't miss this unique opportunity to advance your knowledge and take actionable steps toward a better healthcare future. 


The Breakthroughs in blood: Advancements into action recording, dissemination and implementation resources are made available at Breakthroughs in blood: Advancing practice through research | Professional Education.