University of Toronto Transfusion Medicine Rounds

MLT session: Interesting serology cases


Event details

Presented by

Presentation 1: Hijacked Blood: The Bacterial Conspiracy behind the Acquired B Phenotype

Kamola Kasimova

Presentation 2: Ever-Evolving Serology

Brianna Behrendt

Learning objectives

Presentation 1:

  1. Mechanism (Enzyme Activity, Immune Response)
  2. Clinical Significance: Diagnosis, Associated Conditions, Blood Transfusion
  3. Laboratory Testing (Serological Tests, Molecular Testing)
  4. Treatment and Management (Addressing Underlying Causes)

Presentation 2:

  1. Pinpoint expected changes in the serology of an ABO minor mismatched bone marrow transplant
  2. Predict the antibodies that can be made between one Weiner type and another
  3. Identify and manage the challenge of an autoantibody with an uncertain origin but an exact specificity


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