Consensus Conference

Massive Transfusion Consensus Conference

June 9, 2011 | 8:00AM to June 11, 2011 | 5:00PM


The Canadian National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products sponsored this international consensus conference on transfusion and trauma. A panel of 10 experts and two external advisors reviewed the current medical literature and information presented at the conference by invited international speakers and attendees.

The Consensus Panel addressed six specific questions on the topic of blood transfusion in trauma. The questions focused on: ratio-based blood resuscitation in trauma patients; the impact of survivorship bias in current research conclusions; the value of nonplasma coagulation products; the role of protocols for delivery of urgent transfusion; the merits of traditional laboratory monitoring compared with measures of clot viscoelasticity; and opportunities for future research.

Key findings were published in [Critical Care] to provide guidance to practitioners, hospitals, and policy-makers.

Consensus conference publication:
Dzik WH, Blajchman MA, Fergusson D, Hameed M, Henry B, Kirkpatrick AW, Korogyi T, Logsetty S, Skeate RC, Stanworth S, MacAdams C, Muirhead B. Clinical review: Canadian National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products - Massive Transfusion Conference 2011: report of the panel. Critical Care 2011;15:242-53. [Critical Care]