Canadian Transfusion Trials Group (CTTG) lecture series

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The Canadian Transfusion Trials Group (CTTG) is a pioneering national initiative designed to promote collaboration and excellence in Transfusion Medicine research.  CTTG, led by co-directors Drs. Donald Arnold and Jeannie Callum, represents a paradigm shift in transfusion medicine research. CTTG supports the development of a cohesive and diverse transfusion medicine research community across Canada that can address high-impact research questions in Transfusion Medicine through a collaborative network of physician-investigators, blood scientists, graduate students, medical trainees and research staff across Canada. This research community will provide support for investigators for the development of trial protocols and grant submissions, centralized data management and biostatistics and mentorship for junior faculty.  CTTG will also support the creation of a multicentre “vein-to-vein” transfusion data platform to enable clinical trials, model demand forecasting, monitor changes in transfusion practice, and assess the impact of blood production modifications on patient outcomes.

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Dr. Pete Wegier

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