Day 5: Trauma, massive transfusion protocols & controversial entities

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Day 5 Overview

  • Massive Hemorrhage: Pathophysiology & Evidence Based Management (Dr. Jeannie Callum)
  • Massive Hemorrhage Protocols: Real World Application (Dr. Katerina Pavenski)
  • Seminar 5A: Massive, Disaster Bleeding Cases (Dr. Jeannie Callum)
  • Albumin (Dr. Justyna Bartoszko)
  • New Updates in Transfusion (Dr. Aditi Khandelwal)
  • Ask the Experts: Q&A (Panel)
  • Post-course Exam (delivered electronically)

Note that breaks are included throughout the day. 


Please get ready for Transfusion Camp by reading these publications (typically posted 1 week prior to the live event).

1.    Callum J, Yeh CH, Petrosoniak A, McVey MJ,  Cope S, Thompson T. A regional massive hemorrhage protocol developed through a modified Delphi technique. CMAJ. 2019.  DOI:10.9778/cmajo.20190042

May 20, 2021


2.    ORBCON. Ontario albumin administration recommendations. 2012.

June 7, 2022

Reference Materials

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May 10, 2022


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May 10, 2022



Slides of lectures are posted prior to the live event (typically posted 1 week prior but often the night before). 

1.    Massive Hemorrhage: Pathophysiology & Evidence Based Management (Dr. Jeannie Callum) 

May 9, 2022


2.    Massive Hemorrhage Protocols: Real World Application (Dr. Katerina Pavenski)

May 12, 2022


3.    Albumin (Dr. Justyna Bartoszko)

May 9, 2022


4.    New Updates in Transfusion (Dr. Aditi Khandelwal). Slides of Dr. Khandelwal lecture will not be posted for download.  A lecture summary has been provided in the Day 5 highlights.

Recordings of lectures are posted after the live event (typically posted within 2 weeks). To view the lectures on YouTube, open the video and click on the playlist icon in the top right hand corner to select your lecture of interest.


Day 5 Highlights

Transfusion Camp 2021-22 Day 5 Massive Transfusion Protocols & Controversial Entities summary highlights.



Answers for the seminars are posted after the last group of trainees has completed the Transfusion Camp day (this may take several months after the live event).

Review the Guide for Participating in Seminars prior to attending the seminars.

Seminar 5A: Massive, Disaster Bleeding Cases

May 9, 2022


May 9, 2022