Day 2: Complications: Compatibility, Acute & Long Term Transfusion Risks & Errors

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Day 2 Overview

  • Informed Consent (Dr. Katerina Pavenski)
  • Acute & Delayed Transfusion Transmitted Infections (Dr. Steven Drews)
  • Acute Non-Infectious Reactions (Dr. Cserti-Gazdewich)
  • Seminar 2A: Labile Component Reactions (Dr. Cserti-Gazdewich)
  • Virtual Héma-Québec Tour (Québec sites) (Dr. Nancy Robitaille)
  • Virtual Canadian Blood Services Tour (non-Québec sites) (Dr. Robert Skeate)
  • Delayed Non-Infectious Reactions (Dr. Robert Skeate)
  • Seminar 2B: “Delayed or Derivative” Transfusion Reactions (Dr. Jacob Pendergrast)

Note that breaks are included throughout the day. See General Information Program Brochure document for detailed agenda. Depending on your location, the event may provide refreshments and lunch. See General Information Schedules and Locations document for information.


Please get ready for Transfusion Camp by reading these publications (typically posted 1 month prior to the live event).

1.    Callum JL, Pinkerton PH, Lima A, Lin Y, Karkouti K, Lieberman L, et al. Bloody easy 4: Blood Transfusions, blood alternatives and transfusion reactions. 4th ed. Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network;2016. 82p.


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Slides of lectures are posted prior to the live event (typically posted 1 week prior but often the night before). 

1.    Informed Consent (Dr. Katerina Pavenski)


2.    Acute & Delayed Transfusion Transmitted Infections (Dr. Steven Drews)


3.    Acute Non-Infectious Reactions (Dr. Christine Cserti-Gazdewich)


4.    Virtual Héma-Québec Tour (Dr. Nancy Robitaille)


5.    Virtual Canadian Blood Services Tour (Dr. Robert Skeate)


6.    Delayed Non-Infectious Reactions (Dr. Robert Skeate)


Recordings of lectures are posted after the live event (typically posted within 2 weeks). To view the lectures on YouTube, open the video and click on the playlist icon in the top right-hand corner to select your lecture of interest.





Answers for the seminars are posted after the last group of trainees has completed the Transfusion Camp day (this may take several months after the live event).

Seminar 2A: Labile Component Reactions



Seminar 2B: “Delayed or Derivative” Transfusion Reactions